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Top 5 Travel Power Plug Adapters Reviews

If you usually travel a lot, you need to look for a travel power plug adapter since there are multiple types of wall sockets depending on the continent or country that you will be traveling to. Without a power adapter, your phone, laptop, camera and other rechargeable devices that you usually carry can end up running out of power and leave you helpless. It will be even worse when you are on a business trip and you have to use your computer or phone. However, when you have the best travel power plug adapter, there will be nothing to worry about. It will make charging your electronic devices a breeze. To help you choose the right adaptor your needs, here are top 5 travel power plug adapters reviews.

Travel Power Plug Adapters


1.Bestek Portable International Travel Adapter

This travel power plug adapter is designed to provide an ideal power solution for international use. You will not need to worry about different voltages when traveling from one country or continent to another. It features three AC outlets and four USB charging ports and can charge up to six devices simultaneously. It covers more than 150 countries across the world.

Bestek Portable International Travel Adapter


2.EZOPower 200 Watt International Travel Power Plug Adapters

You are not going to regret buying this travel power plug adapter because it works brilliantly. It features three AC outlets, a power switch and an LED indicator light. It also has four USB charging ports that include 2 2.4A high-output ports for power-hungry tablets and smartphones and 2 1A ports for regular USB devices. It is totally safe to use because it has built-in over-current, overvoltage and short circuit protection.

EZOPower 200 Watt International Travel Adapter


3.Simran SMF-100 Universal 100W Travel Power Plug Adapters

With this travel power plug adapter, you will not need to worry about how you will charge your electronic devices when traveling to any country across the world. It features a good design, it is practical and very easy to use. It does not overheat. You can leave use it to charge your devices for long without any worries. It also fits well in all plugs. Other features that it has include a resettable fuse and a LED indicator.

Simran SMF-100 Universal 100W Travel Adapter


4.EnergyPal Travel International Travel Power Plug Adapters

This is a great choice of power plug adapter for your home and international travel. It is amazing and works without any interruptions. It is a good size and lightweight for travel and will fit perfectly in a travel bag. It has three adapters that will work just about anywhere. It is designed to protect your devices from overheating and short circuit. It is also fire-resistant. You will not regret spending a dime on it.

EnergyPal Travel International Travel Adapter


5.Skross Pro Plus USB Travel Power Plug Adaptersr

This is a compact universal travel adapter that will enable you to find the right connection when traveling anywhere in the world. You can use it to charge two USB devices at the same time. It can be used with a range of electrical and electronic devices including digital cameras, MP3 players, hair dryers, mobile phones, computer notebooks, USB powered devices and so on. It is designed to offer limitless freedom and flexibility.

Skross Pro Plus USB World Adapter


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