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Top 5 Best Automatic Pet Feeder

If you are a busy pet owner, you understand how difficult it can be to feed your pet more than three times per day with the right portions of food all year round. To avoid all that hassle, you just need to purchase an automatic pet feeder. This is a programmable device that is filled with the pet food then set to dispense certain portions of food at specific intervals. This helps to ensure that your pets are well fed even when you are not around. Moreover, it also prevents overfeeding, which in turn ensures that your pet maintains the right weight. If you want to purchase a pet feeder with these and more features, below are top five best automatic pet feeder to choose from.

Best Automatic Pet Feeder


1. Aspen-Le-Bistro Portion Control Automatic Pet Feeder from Petmate

This is the best automatic pet feed feeder based on 2016 reviews. The battery-powered unit can be programmed to feed your pet up to three meals per day, which is quite convenient especially when you are not too busy. It is a gravity feeder with a clear large chamber, which allows the pet owner to easily monitor the food levels and hence replace when necessary. Moreover, the controlled portions will help the pet to maintain a healthy weight throughout, while the top-lid makes the process of refilling the feeder easier and convenient. It also features microban protection, which helps in preventing the growth of stain as well as odor-causing bacteria.

Aspen-Le-Bistro Portion Control Automatic Pet Feeder from Petmate


2. PetSafe Electronic Pet Feeder

This is a unique electronic pet feeder that is made of rugged and hygienic polypropylene material. It will automatically feed your pets up to five times per day, making work much easier for you. It has five 1-cup capacity chambers to accommodate the food and a latching lid to secure the same. Moreover, the design also includes an easy-to-set digital timer to help you program when you want the pets to feed. This feeder is normally operated by four D-cell batteries and has a dishwasher-safe food tray, which is extremely easy to clean. It is also backed by a one-year limited warranty.

PetSafe Electronic Pet Feeder


3. The Healthy Pet Simply-Feed 12-Meal Automatic Feeder from PetSafe

This is an automatic and convenient feeder, which makes it easier for you to feed your pet at the right time. It is a fully programmable feeder that will give the pet meals according to the schedule and the portions you set. This makes it the best unit to purchase of you are a pet owner with a very busy schedule. The unit uses a conveyor belt mechanism to accurately dispense food, hence ensuring the best portion control as well as accuracy. It is a hygienic feeder that works best with semi-moist and dry kibble pet foods. This feeder can be set to automatically feed your pet up to twelve times a day and it is quite easy to clean.

The Healthy Pet Simply-Feed 12-Meal Automatic Feeder from PetSafe


4. Qpets Six-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

If you want to keep your pets on a regular feeding schedule, this is the product to purchase. It is a high-performance automatic feeder, which allows you to set up to six different feeding time. It is designed with six separate food trays and allows you to record a six-second personal message for the pet. It is also compatible with disposable food packs and can accommodate both dry and wet food. The unit normally comes with an easy-to-read inbuilt LCD, a microphone, speaker and a low-battery indicator to show you when the battery power is too low.

Qpets Six-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder


5. The Oxgord Automatic Electronic-Timer Programmable Dog Feeder

This is a programmable electronic pet feeder which can be set to feed pets from one to four times per day. Its 45-cup capacity helps to prevent frequent refilling. The design includes a clear LCD-display for simpler programming of the portion sizes as well as the time you want to the pets to feed. The built-in voice recorder and speaker allows you to record your voice while calling the pets for the meal time. It also has a jam-proof sensor, which keeps the feeding tray from overloading. Moreover, it normally comes with a Heavy-duty HD Bottom Base which helps in prevent tipping. The feeder is ideal for feeding both small and large dogs.

The Oxgord Automatic Electronic-Timer Programmable Dog Feeder


Automatic pet feeders are very important pet-feeding units which can be set to dispense or avail certain proportions of food to the pets at specific time intervals. Ideally, the best pet feeder should be a high capacity unit that is easy to use or program and easy to clean. If you want to purchase the best automatic pet feeder, the above pet feeder reviews can help you.

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