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Top 5 Best Mattress for a Crib in 2017 Reviews

A crib mattress is a very essential component of a child’s nursery. It normally provides a safer surface for relaxing, resting and sleeping. It also ensures the safety of your child and promotes healthy growth. Because toddlers and babies spend more time sleeping especially for your child, it is important to have safe and comfortable bedding. Below are the top five best mattress for a crib according to 2017 reviews:

1. Sealy Soybean Foam Core Crib Mattress

This is the best mattress for a crib as per 2016 reviews. It is an award-winning American-made crib mattress by Sealy baby mattresses. The product is designed to reduce sagging, which you may have experienced when using other models. The mattress is incredibly lightweight and durable, which makes it easy to change the bed sheets and transfer them from crib to crib. Moreover, it is a standard size mattress, measuring 51.6 inches by 27.2 inches by 5 inches. This makes it suitable for either toddler’s beds or cribs. Furthermore, the mattress has a pearl embossed stain-resistant and waterproof cover for easier cleaning.

Sealy Soybean Foam Core Crib Mattress


2. Safety 1st Heavenly-Dreams White Best Mattress for a Crib

This crib mattress provides firm support as its core is high density and thermo-bonded. The mattress has received Greenguard Gold Certification and it is 100 percent safe. Moreover, it meets the 16-CFR 1633 federal flammability standards and does not contain any potentially harmful chemicals. The cover of the mattress is resistant to tough stains and bad odors. It is a budget-friendly product that is also water proof as well as resistant to tearing.

Safety 1st Heavenly-Dreams White Crib Mattress


3. Sealy Baby Firm-Rest Crib Mattress

This unique crib mattress has edge border wires that offer incredible stiffness particularly for added safety. It features the 204 interwoven steel-coil systems. The product has received Greenguard Gold Certification for a healthy indoor environment and has also passed all the flammability tests. In addition, a water-proof hospital-grade cover is also included. The mattress has airflow pocket for easier circulation. It is protected by a 20 year limited warranty on labor and all materials used. Furthermore, it resists mold, bad smell and mildew, thanks to the two non-allergenic layers.

Sealy Baby Firm-Rest Crib Mattress


4. Sealy-Baby Posturepedic Mattress

This posturepedic mattress has hospital grade and water-proof cover that wipes away stains and liquids. It also offers an additional sanitary sleeping surface for toddlers and infants. The mattress has 220 POSTURETECH coils, which offer maximum orthopedic-posture support, while its four cushioned layers offer optimal comfort. Furthermore, it also has the Greenguard Gold Certification for a healthy indoor environment and has passed every flammability test, which is quite exceptional considering it has no flame-retardants. The mattress measures 27.25 by 51.63 by 5.75 inches hence can securely fit a toddler bed or a USA standard size crib. Moreover, it normally comes with a life-time warranty on its materials and workmanship.

Sealy-Baby Posturepedic Mattress


5. Colgate Classical-Foam Crib Mattress

This crib mattress has an additional firm foam and most medical experts recommend it for babies. It is a lightweight product that is made from top-quality extra firm foam. Moreover, the mattress has strong seams that are provided by the cloth binding. It has non-allergenic, wet-proof and triple-layered cover, which guarantees your child optimal comfort. The product has square corners that help it to fit tightly in cribs. It also has eyelet vents which help to keep it fresh. It is a tear-resistant mattress that is made of non-flammable materials.

Colgate Classical-Foam Crib Mattress


Finding the best mattress for a crib can be challenging. Ideally, a good crib mattress should be comfortable, supportive, firm, have a waterproof cover and resistant to stains. It should also provide your child with a cozy and safe environment, which they will enjoy. The above crib mattress reviews can help you select the best crib mattress to purchase.

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