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Top 5 Best Computer Surround Sound Systems

What products should you consider when looking for the best computer surround sound systems? Which computer surround sound systems is best for you and your needs? Let’s look at the top products on the market today.



1. Cyber Acoustics 30 Watt Powered Speakers

The Cyber Acoustics brand 30 watt speakers with subwoofers are intended for computers and gaming systems. This is one of the best computer surround sound systems for budget gaming. The two magnetically shielded speakers won’t generate static when your gaming console has a wireless connection to the internet as well as the controllers. The subwoofer, the third piece of the speaker system, sits separately. These subwoofers can’t generate the deepest bass notes or adjust the volume of the bass separately from the overall sound level.
The desktop control pod lets you adjust the volume, bass and power from where you sit instead of having to lean over and adjust it and maybe miss a critical moment in the game.
This computer sound system is able to accept a headphone jack or fill the whole room with the sound effects. Their small size means they can fit on the shelf next to the gaming console or around your personal computer, instead of requiring special shelves to hold them.

 Cyber Acoustics 30 Watt Powered Speakers


2. Logitech Surround Sound Speakers, Model Z506

You can use this one surround sound system for your computer, gaming console, DVD player or music player. You can use this sound system for your entire entertainment center as long as the inputs are compatible. A plus in favor of this product is the sheer ease of setting it up, regardless of the input sources. For some, the lack of a separate controller makes the Cyber Acoustics model a better choice.
This sound system lets you turn down the bass even while the music is loud or turn up the bass when you want the beat to fill the room; the bass system has no distortion, despite its low. This speaker system can create surround sound even from two channel stereo sources. You get 75 watts of power, so it is good enough for a small, single room.
The Logitech surround sound system is the ideal choice for a budget all in one sound system when you want the computer, TV, DVD player and gaming console to use the same sound system.

 Logitech Surround Sound Speakers, Model Z506


3. Yamaha 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System

This surround sound speaker system. It is regularly listed for a third less than. However, the system requires a surround amplifier that is sold separately. The speakers are not wireless, so you do need wiring to connect it if you don’t already have speaker wiring in place.
If you want an all encompassing sound from your movies or video games, this system is a great choice. It has two satellite speakers with a woofer and tweeter, and it has two center speakers with the same. This system comes with a cube subwoofer you can hang off the wall or put on the shelf. All speakers have magnetic shielding so that wireless gaming controllers or a wi-fi hotspot nearby won’t cause distortion or static in the sound. Intended for home theater systems, these speakers are a must if you want full immersion in the sound effects of your gaming console connected to a big screen TV. They put out enough power to fill a large media room.

Yamaha 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System


4. Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System, Model Z906

This is the second Logitech system on the list, and it is the high end option. This surround sound speaker system for computers and entertainment systems and only a little less on sale.
With this system, you get not only the 5.1 digital surround sound of the cheaper version but Dolby Digital and DTS sound in all its glory. These are TXH-certified home speakers for theater quality sound.
Another benefit of this system is that it works with almost everything. It can connect to your TV, DVD player, DVR, Wii system, Playstation, Xbox, iPod and other music players. And you can connect up to six devices simultaneously to it.
It comes with a compact control console for the five satellite speakers and subwoofer. It comes with six feet of cable, batteries for the remote control and the wireless remote itself. You have to do some set-up, but the beauty of this is system is that it provides everything you need baring shelves and extra wire if the speakers aren’t all in the immediately vicinity of the computer or entertainment console.

 Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System, Model Z906


5. Beyerdynamic Headzone Surround Sound System

This surround sound system is used by professional sound effect artists and game designers to hear every nuance of the sound in their music or movies. And unlike the other systems on this list, it comes with a set of headphones that can record your audio to the same level of quality. This is the best surround sound system for people developing their own games or recording music and podcasts in addition to gaming. And you can use the headsets to work without others hearing you while you hear everything else. You can hear the same theater quality surround sound through the headset as you do through the speakers. But if you’re into professional game design, professional game recording for upload to the internet and advertising revenue, music recording or sound editing, this computer surround sound system is worth the investment.

Beyerdynamic Headzone Surround Sound System


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