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Top 5 Best Body Cream in 2017 Reviews

If you want to pamper your skin, one effective option is to apply a body cream on your skin regularly. The right body cream can seal moisture into your skin so that it does not get dry, while it can also soften up other dry areas of your skin, such as elbows and the heels. If your skin is dehydrated and scaly, and feels rough, the use of a body cream can produce marvelous results. Body creams are used on a regular basis by millions of people all over the world and you should consider joining them. If you really care for your skin and want to take proper care of it, then you need to begin using the best body cream, such as one of five reviewed below.

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1. Vanicream Moisturizing Is Best Body Cream

The Moisturizing Skin Cream from Vanicream is a long-lasting and non-greasy cream that can be spread over the skin quite easily, will get absorbed in no time and will never cause blackheads. Unlike ordinary skin care products, this cream does not contain any chemical irritants but will still effectively moisturize your skin. This cream is free of dyes, formaldehyde, fragrance, lanolin, masking fragrance and parabens. When you use this cream, a normal moisture level will be maintained for your skin and your skin will remain protected. Even if you have delicate skin, this cream also happens to be very gentle. You can even use this cream for skin problems like cracking, irritated or itchy skin, eczema, ichthyosis, psoriasis and winter itch.



2. Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel Is Best Body Cream

This Moisture Rescue Gel-Cream from Garnier has been designed to have a formula that is free of oil and lightweight, and will deliver hydration that will last for quite a long time. Since this gel-cream will get absorbed quickly, your skin will be immediately penetrated and moisture will be locked into it for up to 24 hours. This gel-cream also contains antioxidant fruit waters that will prevent external aggressors from harming your skin, while its ingredients also include Vitamin E that will condition and soothe your skin. Once this gel-cream has been absorbed into your skin, you will instantly realize how smooth and supple your skin feels and looks. Within an hour, this gel-cream will also strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier so your skin will not get dry.



3. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

With this Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Cream from Cetaphil, dry and rough skin can be expelled by applying it just once. Rough areas, such as the elbows, feet and knees, will be smoothened by the non-greasy formula featured by this cream. This moisturizing cream has specifically been designed for dry and sensitive skin, and to prevent irritations, it is also free of any fragrance. This effective moisturizing cream is even recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians since it is gentle and safe enough to even be applied on the face, and it will leave your skin fresher and softer. This cream contained within this 16 ounce jar will deliver moisture that is far more intense than other similar skin care products.



4. Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Creme

If you have visibly red skin, you can apply this Redness Relief Soothing Night Creme from Eucerin overnight in order to receive soothing moisture. This is a clinically proven and groundbreaking cream that will help relieve redness and will improve your skin if it is visibly red. One of the key ingredients of this cream is Licochalcone, which is a licorice root extract capable of soothing the skin. The Natural Licochalcone is also responsible for granting this cream its hydrating formula. If you have dry skin that feels uncomfortable, it will be calmed and soothed when this unique gel cream is applied. Its formula is relatively gentle, so the risk of irritation is minimal. This cream is also free of comedogenics, fragrance and oil.



5. DMSO Cream with Aloe Vera

This DMSO Cream features a very simple formula that consists of nothing more than Aloe Vera, Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) and water. DMSO, an acronym for Dimethyl Sulfoxide, is a chemical compound that is produced during wood processing. Even though Dimethyl Sulfoxide tends to have a garlicky odor, this cream is actually rose scented. You can use this cream as an all-natural solution to some of the most irritating and skin problems. Even any skin-related discomfort and swelling can be reduced and relived by applying this cream since it will be absorbed into your skin quite easily. 70% of this cream is made up of 99.9% DMSO, while the rest is Aloe Vera and water.



A body cream can re-hydrate and replenish your skin if it is dry and rough, it can smoothen your calluses, can help you relax, can soften your skin and make it glow, and they feel and smell good as well. So, if you are serious about using the best body cream, then you should choose one of the above.

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